Training Schedule

Below is the training schedule for our training centers in Boones Creek, TN and Bristol, VA  The posted training schedule is subject to change.  All classes begin at times noted in the schedule below.   Employees should be told that the start time is actually 15 minutes prior to the published start time.  (Example: 9am class start time, employee should be told 8:45am start time.)  The instructor for all training classes will be Regional Trainer Nicholas Jackson unless otherwise noted.  

Please note that the Training Centers have their own entrances and employees should use those entrances, not the store entrances.  The Training Centers will be open approximately 30 minutes prior to published start time for employees to enter.  At #6039, Employees should park on the side of the store closest to the training center or in the spaces behind the store.  At #6089,  Employees should park on the side of the store closest to the training center.


Please remember to register employees by sending the following information to and copy your DM (unless they have instructed you otherwise):

Full Employee Name (No nicknames please)

Hire Date (Accurate)
Class Name (Please use the abbreviations: NEO/ARS)
Class Date (ex. 7/26/16)
DM Name (ex. Davis, Sykes, etc.)

This information needs to be sent NO LATER THAN 3pm the day prior to the scheduled class and sent in the format referenced above.
Employees also need to be reminded that they are expected to be in uniform and following Roadrunner Markets policies that relate to our uniform policy (makeup, tattoos, etc.)  Any employee in violation of our policies (or late to class) will be turned away from class and will have to reschedule.

Employees SHOULD NOT  be sent to training classes on their first day!  (Please see First Day Expectations on the Training Resources Page. )

NEO = New Employee Orientation  ARS = Age Restricted Sales (Also Known as Alcohol/Beer Class)

    VA NEO/ARS VA L.E.A.D. Career Center at Roadrunner #6089 9am-4pm *****THIS IS A FRIDAY CLASS*****
    Fri, Mar 2, 2018
  2. March 2018
    There will be no organized classes for the month of March. Nicholas Jackson (Regional Trainer) will be out of town assisting with acquisition training. Information about what to do during the month of March was sent via email on 2/26/18 at 10:20am
    March 2018

Training Locations


TN L.E.A.D. Career Center @ Roadrunner #6039
2695C Boones Creek Road
Gray, Tennessee  37615


VA L.E.A.D. Career Center @ Roadrunner #6089
2121 Euclid Avenue
Bristol, Virginia  24201