Before Training Classes:

These steps should be taken  BEFORE sending a new employee to training classes.

The very first day of employment with Roadrunner Markets have your new hire clock in.  Make sure they know their 6 digit Kronos number and password for clocking in.  The very next thing you will do is the Manager’s onboarding tasks, which include the I-9, Tax Credits and the new hire checklist.  Then introduce them to other associates who may be working and give them a complete detailed tour of the store and then you can start working on the 40 hour checklist.   Spending the time to build that professional relationship and developing your associate will pay off later.  It’s worth the effort.

Please make sure employees know their store number and hire date.

Now your new hire is ready to go to training class.   Do not send a new hire to training class prior to doing the Manager’s onboarding tasks or on their first day.   It is best to spend the first day at the store with the Store Manager.

After Training Classes:

Do not assume that the employee knows everything.  We only cover the basics in training classes are not able to provide hands on, or on the job training.  This is done at store level.  Training new employees is a partnership between the Training Department and the Store Manager.  Also, we cover a large amount of material in the training classes and a new employee may forget something that was covered in class.  It is always good to review policies and procedures with a new employee after they have been to class to make sure they remember and understand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nicholas Jackson, Regional Trainer